Updated Wednesday June 12, 2019 by PAL Baseball.

Q. When does the season start and end?

A. The season generally starts the week following the July 4th Holiday and runs for about 6 weeks until the 2nd/3rd week of August

Q. When will schedules be determined and distributed? 

A. Schedules are determined by coaches at the scheduling meeting typically towards the end of June.  

Q. Does PAL have set days of the week for games?

A. No it does not. Schedules are largely determined by field availability and coaches.  Game are generally scheduled Monday through Thursday 6 PM or later.

Q. When will uniforms be distributed?

A. Uniforms will be distributed by coaches either at the 1st game or 1st practice

Q. When will parents be notified of team assignments?

A. Team assignments are not completed until registration is closed. Typically the 3rd week in June.

Q. What equipment is required?

A. The only equipment that is mandatory is a glove. Cleats are recommended. Cups are also strongly recommended for all boys in 3rd/4th grade baseball divisions and above.  A helmet and bat are optional and coaches will have extras.

Q. What level of play is PAL?

A. PAL is strictly a recreational league intended for kids to play baseball and have fun.

Q. Where are most of the games?

A. Games locations vary. In today's world with lots of travel teams and leagues fields are always at a premium.  A lot of the games will be in the Bellmore/Merrick area but may also be in other towns. PAL does not have access to fields in all towns.

Q. Will there be games in my hometown?

A.  It depends. If you are in the Bellmore/Merrick area then yes. If you live in another town the answer is maybe depending on field availability. 

Q. What level of play is the Pre-K to 2nd Grade Clinic?

A. The clinic is instructional in nature and geared towards beginners who are just learning to play baseball.  Fundamentals are emphasized and kids will also play minigames.  Players are broken into groups by age/level of ability. Groups can either be T-Ball or coach pitch. There is no kid pitching in the clinic.